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Special courses

Semester 6
Classical Gauge Fields 1 (S.V. Troitsky)
Introduction to the Theory of Early Universe 1 (V.A. Rubakov)
Group Theory 1 (A.P. Isaev)
Quantum Fields 1 (M.V. Libanov)
Semester 7 Semester 8
Classical Gauge Fields 2 (S.V. Troitsky) Methods of Quantum Field Theory (V.V. Belokurov)
Quantum Fields 2 (M.V. Libanov) General Relativity (D.G. Levkov)
Introduction to the Theory of Early Universe 2 (V.A. Rubakov) Astrophysics of Particles 1 (S.V. Troitsky)
Group Theory 2 (A.P. Isaev) Fundamental Interactions 1 (A.V. Borisov)
Numerical Methods (G.I. Rubtsov)
Semester 9 Semester 10
Astrophysics of Particles 2 (S.V. Troitsky) Advanced Cosmology (D.S. Gorbunov)
Path Integral (A.A. Slavnov) Strings and CFT (S.M. Sibiryakov)
Fundamental Interactions 2 (A.V. Borisov) Supersymmetry 2 (S.V. Demidov)
Supersymmetry 1 (S.V. Demidov) Accelerator Physics (M.N. Dubinin)