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Chair of particle physics and cosmology
Physics Department of MSU
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Scientific field of the chair is a borderline between theories of elementary particles, cosmology and astrophysics.

Scientific results obtained by the staff members include several results which played crucial role in development of physics and astrophysics of elementary particles and cosmology.

Research directions:

  • Quantum field theory
    • modern methods
    • studies of models
    • modifications of gravity
  • Models of particle physics
    • quantum chromodynimics
    • extensions of the Standard model
    • supersymmetry
    • extra dimensions
  • Modern problems in cosmology
    • dark matter
    • dark energy and cosmological constant problem
    • baryogenesis
    • inflation and alternatives
  • Astroparticle physics
    • study of elementary particles by astrophysical methods
    • search for new particles and interactions
    • investigation of astrophysical objects by the methods of particle physics