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Lectures: Dmitry Gorbunov

Advanced cosmology (Semester 10)

The lectures cover dark matter problem, baryon asymmetry of the Universe, particle production at post-inflationary stage and subsequent reheating of the Universe. We start with experimental data relevant to the topics above. Then we proceed with the most popular solutions: weakly interacting massive particles and axions for cold dark matter, sterile neutrinos for warm dark matter; electroweak baryogenesis in multi-Higgs models, leptogenesis and Affleck-Dine baryogenesis for baryon asymmetry of the Universe; inflaton perturbative decay into SM particles, parametric resonance in wide and narrow regimes at preheating stage and subsequent thermalization for post-inflationary reheating of the Universe. Finally, we plan to discuss some alternative solutions or special issues like MOdified Newtonian Dynamics for dark matter, axion halo formation, cosmology in models with Mirror World and various mechanisms of sterile neutrino production in primordial plasma.


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